Marshall Govt Silences Ambos From Chalking Public Safety Messages – Interim Orders

March 4, 2022 Media Release The Marshall Liberal Government has succeeded temporarily in its attempts to gag ambos from writing public safety messages on ambulances. The Department of Treasury and...

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Calls to recruit 370 additional ambos to build ambulance capacity across South Australia.

October 21, 2021 Leah Watkins, Secretary of the Ambulance Employees Association (AEA) today stated, “The South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS) is deteriorating along with our health system more...

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More Ambos Website – Sign our petition and email your MP

September 12, 2021 South Australians are left waiting far too long for an Ambulance in their time of need. Sometimes – tragically – it just arrives far too late. The Marshall Government are more...

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Ramping & Ambulance Resourcing Petition Lodged

May 13, 2021 MEDIA Release 17th November 2021 The Ambulance Employees Association has tabled our petition, which calls for adequate funding for the Ambulance Service, and an end to ramping by whatever...

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