Professional Indemnity Insurance

The AEA proudly provides Professional Indemnity Insurance to all members who are registered Paramedics. Registration of the Paramedic profession occurred on the 1st December 2018; with it comes the requirement for all paramedics Australia-wide to have Professional Indemnity Insurance. SAAS provides insurance for the period of time staff are on duty, with the onus on individuals to secure insurance outside of the employment context.

Our group policy provides cover for “the rendering of or failure to render first aid and assistance in an emergency situation or accident by an Insured outside the normal course of their employment, except where such Insured is engaged in a professional capacity by another person or entity.

Summary of the cover provided to Paramedic Members of the AEA

  • ✅ $20 million cover per claim, total $60 million aggregate per year.
  • ✅ Legal fees will be covered in addition to the $20 million.
  • ✅ No excess per claim
  • ✅ International coverage (Except within the USA and Canada)


  • The policy only provides cover for members whilst off-duty and while not engaged in secondary roles (including both paid and voluntary). Member should seek independent advice for coverage in these circumstances.
  • SA Ambulance Service provide indemnity for members whilst on-duty.
  • The policy does not cover services rendered by members while under the influence of intoxicants or drugs.
  • There is only limited coverage for childbirth cases (for limited first aid provision).
  • If AHPRA require proof of membership under this policy please contact us to request a confirmation of your AEA membership and coverage under this policy.

Policy Documents

Log into the AEA Knowledge base to view the current certificate of currency. The product disclosure statement is available for viewing below.

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