AEA Membership Comes With Access to Union Shopper

The AEA provides members with access to Union Shopper to pass on their savings. Union shopper has been operating for more than 35 years and is exclusively available to union members only.

All AEA members can instantly sign up for free at simply enter your personal details and along with your AEA membership number, your member ID can be found by logging into ‘Your Account‘ on the AEA website.

Union Shopper operates by giving you access to discounted online stores such as commercial or wholesale sites as well as brokerage services.

Example discount services through their website;

  • ✅Access to Good Guys Commercial website and pricing
  • ✅Discounted electrical products through powerbuy
  • ✅Discounts on e-gift cards
  • ✅Discounts on Amart Furniture
  • ✅Offers for Pet Insurance
  • ✅Travel discounts through ubookdirect and experienceoz
  • ✅Wholesale pricing for luxury linen products through deluxelinen
  • ✅Discounted car rental with Hertz
  • ✅Discounts at Kmart Tyre and Auto
  • ✅Access to unionhealth private health insurance
  • ✅Access to discounted life and income protection insurance through Mr Insurance

Brokerage services to ‘bargain’ on your behalf on 1300 368 117;

  • ✅Access to new car sales including finance
  • ✅Access to union shopper mortgage planners
  • ✅Access to comparison and brokerage deals for energy companies.

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